Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Snow and the Seven Huntsmen: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Dark Fantasy Book 1) by Zoe Blake & Alta Hensley

This is a dark and naughty retelling of Snow White. Instead of dwarfs she ends up with seven Huntsman. They were tasked by the evil Queen to kill Snow but instead they keep her as their plaything. Can Snow get used to her new life with these seven dominant men? 
 This book was raunchy and I loved every word! This book was crazy naughty. Each man has their own kink and demand Snow's submission. She fights them but oddly ends up liking everything they do to her no matter how depraved it is. This book had a lot of creative scenes and it made me a little uncomfortable which I actually liked. It was cool to see the different personalities of the different men. I thought the end was a bit quick and was wrapped up to soon but other than that I really enjoy this naughty retelling of Snow White.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Shamefully Broken by Loki Renard

Elliot needs help. Her brother has fallen in with some bad people and she turns to an old friend Mason to help her help her brother. His payment for service? Her. He wants her to submit to him and be his pet. Ellie is not interested but when the bad guys show up at her doorstep looking for her brother she has no choice but to go with Mason. There she finds that she loves the degrading things he does to her. Can she comes to terms with her feelings? Will her brother be safe? Can she start a future with Mason? 
 This book was very interesting I was not sure what to expect with Mason. When he makes Ellie sleep in a cage I was quite surprised. Ellie fights him a lot and I understand why the things he wants her to do are very depraved. But she likes it she's just not able to admit it to herself at first. She cares about her brother but he kind of screws himself and her over. I'm really interested in finding out what happened to him while Ellie was with Mason. Even though Mason does these questionable things to her you can tell that he cares about her even if he derives pleasure from her submission. The ending was a lot of fun and everything gets wrapped up nicely.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Gift for the King (Terranovum Brides 1) by Sara Fields

Lana is kidnapped by aliens and is given as a gift to Dante a king on his planet. There she learns how to be his mate and submissive. When she fears her feelings and her submission to him she tries to escape and is taken captive by Dante's enemy. In a far worse fate than when she was the king's toy she longs to be reunited with him. Will she be returned to the man she's grown to care for? 
 I like Lana she was feisty. Dante was fun, he was strict and demands a lot from Lana but he cares deeply for her. When she's taken captive by his enemy Lord Nero she's tortured and thinks she'll go mad but she's saved by the king's sorceress Morgana who fixes the evil that Lord Nero has done to Lana. When she's reunited with Nero she's happy but her save return is at a cost. I really liked this story it was fun reading about this new world.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Mated to the Dragons (Captive Brides 5) by Sara Fields

Jada has witness something she shouldn't have and has been framed for murder. She's also been made to look like a third child which means she's taken off planet and sent to a detention center where women are sold as brides to alien men. When she's sold to two dragon shifters and taken to their planet she has to learn to be a submissive to not one but two men. When she finally begins to have feelings for them and becomes used to her new life her past comes back to hunt her. Her enemies are not done with her and will stop at nothing to be ride other. The only thing different this time around is that Jada has two strong dragons who will anything to protect her.
This story was full of action! I loved the guys they were dominant but gentle with Jada when they had to be. I got mad at first when she told them she'd never killed anyone and they didn't believe her because she's supposed to be a "warrior" which she totally does become at the end of the book when she has to protect her parents. But the guys make up for it when they find out she's been taken and the follow her to get her back and then help her save her parents. This was definitely different than the other Captive Brides book because Jada is not a third child and really doesn't deserve what happened to her but she's a fighter and turns things around and finds love with her dragons shifters. A really good book.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Wrangled (Steele Ranch 2) by Vanessa Vale

This book is about Penny she is the second Steele daughter to be found. She arrives on Steele ranch after returning home from Iceland where she was working on her Master thesis. Her life has been a life of loneliness and she hopes to find love and friendship on Steele Ranch. There she meets Jamison and Boone both older men who are hot as sin and she's attracted to them as they are to her. Can she find love with these two men and overcome her past? 
 I liked this book. Penny was sweet and caring but she still had a spine when it came time to confronting her mother. I like that she was a little naive but was willing to give things with Jamison and Boone a try. Both guys treated her like a queen and were very patient while listening to her doubts and fears as well as her dreams. Even though they are quite a bit older than her they know that she's the one they've been waiting for to make a home and family with. I loved the scenes where Kady and Penny were together and can't wait to see how they all interact when they find the other Steele sisters. Another fun addition to the series.

Neural Web (Human++ 3) by Dima Zales

Usually when I review a book I give a short synopsis of the book then my opinion but I don't think I can explain this book without giving anything away so I'm going straight into my opinion of the book so be warned possible spoilers. 
 This book was freakin' fantastic! I loved the first two book but this book was definitely the best. I loved seeing everyone again! The characters were awesome I love everyone. Mike and Ada and Alan omg Alan what a cutie! I can't believe he was only 4 years old but all that tech made him a genius! I loved that the science behind the technology in the book got even better than the previous books (although I'll admit I didn't understand half of it). The attacks on the group were nerve wracking and the death of one of their own brought me to tears. I couldn't believe it! But then he's brought back to life and it was just so much awe and joy. I loved the join app it was a very cool concept and at the end of the book when the whole world accidentally joins together was amazing! The evil mastermind wasn't who it appeared to be and I should have guessed who it really was but it never crossed my mind that it could be that person. This book was just too cool. So many emotions, I really really enjoyed this book and recommend that others read it as well!

Friday, February 23, 2018

His Human Possession by Renee Rose

Leti is the human friend of Taramina from Zandian Pet. She's rescued and taken onto the palatial pod. And the beginning of her relationship with Paal. He wants her and she wants him but they both have things that keep them from fully committing to each other. They struggle to find the right way to express themselves and their feelings. During this time war is heating u
p. Can Leti and Paal figure out their relationship while trying to take back the wonderful planet of Zandia? 
 I enjoyed Leti, she was fierce but also sensitive. She cares for Paal even more than she's willing to admit. Paal on the other hand isn't sure if he should care for her. He definitely feels lust for her but to have her as his mate? He's not sure. They have a lot of hot sex but they both say things that upset the other. When war heats up and Paal has to leave Leti they part on bad terms. Its only once they are separated that they realize that they could lose it all along with a future together. A really good book.