Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Battle For Love by Julia Sykes

This book was a short prequel to the upcoming War of Hearts. It's about the beginnings of Ashlyn and Joseph's relationship but unfortunately his past comes back to haunt him because he's hiding from something. When his good friend Marco shows up there's nothing that can be done to stop the destiny of all three of these people. Life will change for both Ashlyn and Joseph but will it be for the better? 
This was a really fun short read that explains a little bit about how Ashlyn and Joseph meet. It does not explain anything about Marco other than he is good friends and has a brotherly relationship with Joe. We get an idea of where Joseph comes from but not much else than that. Though we get to see a little bit of what the people he's used to being around are like in the ending when Marco does something rash for his friend. I really can't wait to read War of Hearts and find out more about their story!

Alien Alphas: Twenty-Three Naughty Sci-Fi Romance Novellas by Various Authors

Fated Possession by Cari Silverwood.
A nice return to tje world of Aerthe that I'm already familiar with. Blue is running for her life but is unlucky and ends up in the hands of bad men but luckily she's saved by a man who doesn't want to hurt her but instead sell her. They set off together and feelings slowly start to grow between them. Can Blue trust someone from this dangerous new world?

Sold to the enemy by Sara Fields
This book is about an Earth military women who is taken captive by an alien race who she believes to be the mortal enemy of humans. He appears to be a big bad enemy but maybe he's not all he appears to be. And maybe the enemy isn't really who she thought it was.

Their Zandian Mate by Renee Rose
A young woman who has been used mercilessly by her three mates is taken onto Prince Zander's ship and given protection. Her three guards want to protect her and keep her for their own. As her mates await trial for wrongdoings she falls more and more in love with her new guardians and wishes to be with them. Will she get the life she's always wanted or will she be forced to return to her miserable existence with her awful mates?

Claiming His Virgin by Grace Goodwin
This was an interesting book about a woman who agrees to become the mate of an alien warrior. She's been sharing dreams with him and knows that he's the one for her but she's never seen him. He has scars from battle and is afraid he will scare her away so he tries to keep his identity hidden. Regardless she's madly in love with him and doesn't care about how he looks only how he makes her feel. Can the two of them be happy together?

Dark Warlord by Cynthia Sax
Genine is a fighter and she is the protector of a settlement of female clones. When one of the young clones gets in trouble Genine has to step in to protect her. She must fight a battle to the death. Her opponent is a large male that she has no chance of winning against. Genine knows that she'll go to her death protecting the ones she loves but is the possibly another fate for her?  

Conquering Kayla by Korey Mae Johnson
Kayla's planet has been defeated in a war against another species in exchange for not blowing up the planet her parents the king and queen decide to give their youngest daughter Kayla to the enemy who defeated them. She doesn't want to go with this aliens but she doesn't have much to look forward to on her planet either. None of her family members even care about her and are not upset to see her leave. Her new husbands are fierce and dominant men but they do care for Kayla even giving her a spanking when she misbehaves. She has to learn how to live with these two alpha males who love her in their own way. Can she too learn to love these two men?

Doubly Dominant by Loki Renard

This was an interesting story about a young human she's with a smuggler and they are heading into Kilvoy space, unbeknownst to her the pilot has set a trap and she's the bait. When she wakes up from a nap by being boarded by an inspector she can do nothing to get out of the trouble she is in. He's is going to keep her as his reward seeing as humans have no rights in that sector. They slowly get to know each other until danger shows up. Can the two of them survive? 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hunted By The Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 6) by Cara Bristol

This book is about a man named Carter he's the director of Cy-Ops and he's recently met up with an old flame except it's not really her it's her twin sister. Beth has secrets that she can't share with anyone or it could endanger her life. When her origins are discovered she has to do everything she can to keep them secret and be the best employ she can for Carter. The only problem? Someone is working behind the scenes for nefarious purposes. Can they figure out what is happening before it's too late? 



 I liked Carter and Beth they were both wonderful characters. I liked that Beth was willing to give everything so that she could make a life for herself but she was unfortunately the victim from conception. She was being used and never knew it. I liked Carter but I didn't like that he turned on a dime when Beth acts weirdly, instead of figuring out that something is wrong and she's being used he automatically thinks she deceived him even though she never showed any hints of deception before that. Lamani and clo-ventures was unexpected but a cool twist as well as Bensen I didn't see that coming. I liked seeing all the other characters and their teamwork in trying to find out what the heck was going on. This was a very fast paced book and a lot of fun to read.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Fighting For Their Mate (Interstellar Brides 12) by Grace Goodwin

This book is about a woman named Chloe she's volunteered as a bride so that she can get away from her mundane life on Earth. She is matched with an Earth man in space but during her matching process she sees a vision of two men. This is confirmed when she arrives in space to find out that her matched mate has a second. Seth dreams of having a wife and children but not while he's battling the enemy in space and not when he could leave them alone and unprotected. That is until Dorian steps in to help. His race always takes a mate in pairs and he's offering to be Seth's second that way they can both get a mate. When they come to an agreement they accept Chloe as their mate and she does the same. They are fiercely protective of her but they'll have to let her do her job when she's unexpectedly called to action on their ship. Can they trust that she can take care of herself and come back to them or will their lose their love forever? 
 I really liked this book. Chloe, Seth and Dorian are all really well rounded characters. I haven't been reading the books of this series in order so some things about characters weren't always clear to me but it didn't take away from the overall story. I loved that Chloe was badass and willing to help but she was also able to submit to her mates and give them and herself what they need. I loved that Dorian and Seth were able to let her do what she needed to do to protect others even if it meant letting her go but the minute she's right back with them their go all alpha male protector on her. The ending was just so sweet! Loved this book.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

What Troulbe Is: A Short Story (Flesh 2.6) by Kylie Scott

Lindsay is out searching for supplies and is in the supermarket when she bumps into a man called Aiden. Neither is willing to trust their lives to a stranger so they have kind of Mexican standoff. Unfortunately they end up in even more trouble. Can the two of them escape the danger and survive?  
I've said it before but I REALLY love this series! I just love the zombie romance thing and Ms. Scott writes it so well. I loved that Lindsay was willing to protect herself even if she had to kill. I love that the minute a danger was posed to Lindsay even though he didn't know her, he stepped in to help her. The reveal of her pregnancy was unexpected but very fun. I REALLY wished this book had been longer because the stories in the series are so good! Do they stay together? How is the baby? Do they go in search of other survivors or just stay hidden away in their home? These are all questions that would have been great if they'd been answered. But other than that I did enjoy what had been written. I just can't get enough of this series and really wished there were more books.

Room With A View: Hot Down Under (Flesh 2.5) by Kylie Scott

Natalie unfortunately is stuck in her fourth floor apartment when the apocalypse happens and there's no way out. She thinks she's saved when a good looking young man throws her supplies but unfortunately he's disappeared and she's alone once again. That is until he returns once again and this time he's not leaving without her. Can they survive and grow their relationship? 
 I love this series soooo much! Natalie was cute I liked her and Angus was young and brave. I loved how he climbed the building to get to her, after killing the infected of course. They have quick and dirty sex and it's hot. They then prepare to leave making reference to the gated community from the previous books. I really wish this had been longer because I just can't get enough of these stories but I loved this short story just as well even if it was short. Great little novella.

More The Merrier: A Powertools Holiday Story (Powertools 7) by Jayne Rylon

Catch up with the Powertools crew, family and friends this holiday season you won't regret it! 
I love the Powertools crew! I always want more books about them! This was a fun novella that catches up with the group as a whole and individually. We even get to see the Hot Rods! I loved seeing how the crew is doing and how it's growing. Joe and Morgan and Kate and Mike they like the yin and yang couple. And then Devon, Neil and James are their usual selves. Of course you can't forget Dave and Kayla I thought her gift to him was awesome. Everyone got something priceless. I always ALWAYS want more of the crew and the hot rods so I definitely will keep my eye out for more of Quinn, Abby and Nathan. This was a great book and perfect for the holidays.